A Procrastinator's Refuge A complete diary

About Me

I’m Matei-Alexandru Gardus. I am a student at UC San Diego and I have been taking a shot at computer science for a while now. I like coding various gadgets and gizmos for myself, friends or even freelance around with close friends.

I’m a master procrastinator at heart, as this blog suggests. However, I like to consider myself a productive procrastinator. In other words, I like to do something related to a topic as a procrastinating activity.

A few examples:

  • Got a project from school for CS? Never mind that, I’ll read a book on machine learning.
  • A friend asked me to make him a Raspberry Pi for push notifications? Oh yeah, no homework for three days!

You get the idea.

Currently I have two big side-projects I’m working on:

  • A secret project which involves facial recognition (can’t talk about it yet)
  • A universal lock than can be placed on any door with a key inside, which can allow for a person to either unlock the door with a copy of the original key or a previously programmed security key (I call it the Omnilock)

Wanna stalk me on social media? I’m not too present there, but I do have a few accounts on some websites. Check out the Contact page.

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